Music Lessons & vocal coaching for recording

Emilyn has been a great teacher and inspiration for many years. She both supports me and pushes me to improve. Whether this means assisting me in learning a difficult nocturne or encouraging me to break into ragtime and blues, the versatility of knowledge she brings to lessons is always fun.
— H. Anderson, age 17, piano student for 10 years
I’ve been taking lessons with Emilyn for 10 years now and I have never second-guessed this decision. She is nice, funny, inspiring, and makes learning music from her a joy. She is the best music teacher I could ever want, and is one of the reasons I have stuck with lessons for so long.
— Alysa R.
Your program is so great because not only are you so awesome but so are the fun music nights and the connection it builds between the kids.
— Holly Beck
Both of my daughters have been taking piano lessons for the past year from Emilyn. What I really appreciate is how patient Emilyn is. I love how she meets both girls where they are at and is always encouraging them to do their best, even when they get discouraged. I think that she is a fantastic teacher!
— Tanya Daty
The lessons you have taught me have changed my life for good.
You have taught me how to play in a way I never could.
Today I’d like to thank you for all you’ve done for me.
To you I am so grateful for all you’ve made me see.

I came here to learn songs to sing on starry nights
To join my friends in chorus around the fire’s light.
But you have given me a greater world I know.
I can take your awesome gift everywhere I go.
— J. Dolan, from a song he wrote
Emilyn is a very friendly, enthusiastic, supportive, flexible and fun teacher who was able to help me develop in whatever direction I headed, even when I changed direction frequently. Performance anxiety is an issue for me and Emilyn helped me a lot with this. She can adapt her teaching to whatever needs her students have. I recommend her for anyone who seriously wants to improve, no matter what their level of expertise.
— John Collins, age 68, guitar student for two years
Emilyn strikes the right balance between fun and the discipline it takes to learn an instrument.
— W. Hayden, parent of student for 9 years
As an older student, I appreciate Emilyn’s positivity, humor and patience in addition to her focus on good technique. She is always working with me to find ways to create practice habits that work with my adult lifestyle. She brings her own experience as a performer to our group lessons and helps me think like a musician.
— Kathleen Crane
My son always comes home from his piano lessons with Emilyn glowing and excited about music. Her kind and enthusiastic guidance creates a supportive atmosphere where her students not only learn how to play music but truly develop a LOVE for music.
— Ashley Johnson, mother of student for 4 years
Emilyn is AWESOME. She makes music fun. And she’s funny. And I like her smile.
— B.R. Johnson, student for 4 years

Emilyn with student after recital.

Emilyn's teaching focuses on empowering students, building confidence and skills that carry over into other areas of life as well.

Adult students and parents of younger students alike have praised what they find to be a gentle, "therapeutic" approach to learning.  

Emilyn coaches musicians of all ages through their first lessons, and helps more advanced students prepare for recording, live performances, and auditions.  

She also offers in-studio vocal coaching during recording sessions.  

With nearly two decades of teaching experience, she specializes in classical, musical theater, folk, country, and bluegrass styles, as well as music theory and composition.

Using the Estill Voice Training System, riotous wit and personal connection, classically-trained Emilyn relaxes students into their inherent musician and guides them as they hone technical skill and nurture creative growth.


Locations: Lyons studio, Boulder, or Skype

Students: Ages 6 through adult, beginner through advanced.


Through studying voice, piano, and/or guitar, students systematically learn to read music, understand music theory, improvise, compose, and develop personal musical expression. 

Each student's ability increases through practice of a variety of music and exercises tailored to each individual.

Each student learns to value his or her growing abilities and to critically assess areas that need improvement, in a supportive environment.  Increased confidence, creativity, self-sufficiency, and proficiency result.

Occasional group lessons, a children's music club, and performance opportunities build connections with others in the local music community.  

**Scholarships are available for low income students.


  • Emilyn Inglis holds a BA in Music from Oberlin College
  • Ongoing training with the Estill Voice Training System
  • Taught at Jarrow Montessori School in Boulder
  • Taught at Front Range Community College
  • Numerous recording projects
  • Trained in classical, folk, bluegrass, Broadway, Celtic, ragtime, country styles using a variety of instruments: piano, voice, guitar, mountain dulcimer, fiddle, alto and soprano recorder, and clarinet.
  • Performed solo and as part of the Ars Nova Singers, Redstone Bluegrass, Coyote Moon Duo, Ginger Roots Trio, Emilyn & The Redbeards, The Anne & Emilyn Project

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