About Emilyn


Emilyn is a remarkably deep musician. Her repertoire and writing betray a mastery of many styles, woven through with powerful originality. Playing and collaborating with her always seems to make what I play sound better than it should. And she could sing harmony to a flock of geese!
— Greg Schochet
Emilyn...is a beautiful woman with a lovely, pleasing voice who radiates joy, peace, and contentment with her audience.
— Will and Martha Roberts
You have a very, very beautiful voice and I enjoyed hearing it once again. I’ve been very fortunate to come across a few musical superstars (famous and un-famous) as I’ve made my way through life, and you are certainly one of them. I’m very glad to have made your acquaintance.
— Chip Ross
Emilyn brings to music what a decadent balsamic glaze brings to food: brightness, depth, intensity, and sweetness.
— Liz Fox, Executive Chef, Chez Foxavat
Emilyn’s memorable voice runs the gamut from gentle folk ballads to operatic grandeur to potent country-rock romps. Whatever the context, she’s always right where she needs to be, lending her versatile talents to the emotive power of her original music and classic covers alike. Keep your ears alert for this rising songstress.
— Bill Huston
Emilyn is a wonderful singer and songwriter who’s voice is superb in a wide range and variety of styles. I always felt connected with the music and artist - Emilyn and her group - and have now been to several shows. And am looking forward to more. It is always a heartwarming evening of sharing songs and herself for a great evening out. Catch her next time you can!
— John DuGene

Hello, I am Emilyn Inglis. I’m passionate about music, and your consciousness is my liveliness.

Music switches on my world. I trained at Oberlin Conservatory in voice and play 6 other instruments, but more importantly, I choose songs that open our neural pathways to consciousness and connection. 

I’m inviting you into the essence of life through sounds, so that in these moments, we can leave behind the detritus and obligation that expands to fill our time. Be alive with me. Open your ears and mind to these songs. Let them stir inside. Allow them to revitalize you.

photo by Brian Wolf

photo by Brian Wolf

EMILYN INGLIS has brought a voice often described as "angelic" to solo and collaborative projects such as Coyote Moon, the Ginger Roots, the Ars Nova Singers, Emilyn & The Redbeards, and others.  She writes songs with strength and vulnerability, accompanying herself on acoustic guitar.  Come hear it for yourself!